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Pond Perimeter Plantings
(The pond should not stop where the liner ends)

Blending the Pond into the Landscape

iris border

The biggest mistake I see most pond companies make is building a water feature that is it’s own entity. To make a water garden look natural, you must landscape around the pond, and pull the pond into the landscape design.

What does that mean? In other words, you need to install plants around the perimeter that grow in a bog situation inside the pond, and that same plant needs to grow in the soil outside the pond liner.

This concept is one of many that allows us to create more natural looking water features. This design technique hides any sense of the pond’s edge, therefore the water feature has no visible contained space, it blends into the environment.

Pond perimeter plants in Maryland

Where does the pond end?

Those beautiful “water” Iris..., they don’t have to be planted “in” the pond only. They can grow outside the bog area as well. The liner can actually end just 6” beyond the first row of Iris.

This is an example of how to pull the pond into the landscape, and vice versa. Transitions are very important in any design feature. the pond is much more of an aesthetic feature if it is not it’s own entity.

fwater fall plants

More “Secrets” for a Natural Looking Water Feature

See the water Iris to the right of the waterfall? That plant is “inside” the pond liner. The Iris on the left side of the waterfall is planted outside the liner.

This is another trick to help eliminate any sense of a defined edge. It’s not only important to transition your plants form the water to the surrounding soil, using the same plant material both inside and outside the pond liner, in different spots, creates a very natural setting.

View Pictures of Natural Looking Water Features

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