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Sustainable GREEN Landscaping in Maryland

Sustainable, Living retaining wall in Annapolis Maryland. Environmental retaining wall

Living Retaining Walls™ in Maryland

To the right we have a picture of one of our exclusive “Living Retaining Walls™,” ,,, an environmental wall system designed to look more like a rock garden then a retaining wall.

These walls are not just structural. They are also environmentally friendly in that they are the only wall system to use native plants and materials to promote nutrient uptake, photosynthesis, transpiration; they control runoff, and protect the bay, and are a unique tool in our sustainable landscape arsenal.

Natural Swimming Pools (Ponds)

Have you heard of natural swimming pools? We’re not talking about natural looking swimming pools. Creative Land Design is one of the first contractors in the US. to incorporate Austrian technology to the swimming pool business..., NO chlorine, NO chemicals of any kind!

Picture of Natural Swimming Pool Water Falls in Eastern shore maryland

We can create a 100% natural swimming pool that is filtered by plants and bog filtration.

These pools can look just like any formal swimming pool you could imagine, or like the natural pool shown to the left, or better yet, just like a tropical lagoon or water garden with beautiful water lilies right in the pool!!!

Waterfront Buffer Management Plans

CLD combines all of our GREEN principles and experience into our waterfront landscape designs. We can tackle the most challenging pervious material projects, as well as implementation of artistic buffer management plans, where we don’t have to sacrifice function or beauty.

waterfront living retaining wall Annapolis Maryland

CLD also offers engineering services for retaining wall and other structures, as well as specialized permitting for difficult waterfront projects in Maryland, including buffer zone complications. Creative Land Design specializes in not only designing Maryland waterfront projects, we focus on the approval process as well.

Our goal is to protect Maryland’s waterways through the creative  use of native plants, without sacrificing aesthetics.

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