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Custom Hardscaping Design in Maryland
(Our  goal in hardscape design is to create harmony between the home, surrounding structures, and the landscape.)

hardscapes design- front stone steps maryland

"Relax, pour a glass of wine, go on vacation any day of the week without ever leaving home"

Hardscaping Design Harmony: For instance, in this background photo, hardscapes are designed to interact with each other. Notice the lines created by the upper and lower stone sills.

If you look carefully you can see how we pulled those same lines into the landscape by using the same stone in our step risers and treads..... building harmony between the house and the landscape. This helps to draw the eye through the landscape and to the entrance.

The builder initially called for the grade to be flat as you approach the front door, without any steps. With some encouragement, we designed this  hardscaping entrance instead.

Notice how the steps and patio spaces are cut in around the boulders. The idea is to make the boulders appear as if they have been there forever. A lot of extra work goes into creating this look, but it is well worth the effort!

Pictures of hardscapes in maryland

At Creative Land Design, we believe the details are what makes or breaks a job. That’s why we’ll spend the time necessary to perfect every last detail of construction.

We also believe the hardscapes are incomplete without the softscapes to finish the harmonious effect. The correct choice of plant palette, as well as plant placement is of utmost importance in regards to hardscape design. The layout thus becomes the foundation for the rest of the landscape design.

Our Hardscape Design & Installation services are listed below. Click the following link to see our pictures of hardscaping gallery.

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