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Our Howard County Md- Living Retaining Wall™ Video

Living Retaining Walls™ Description of Video

The Living Retaining Wall™ in Howard Co. Md. Project:

The above video is a look into the various steps of removing an existing timber retaining wall in Howard County, and converting it into one of our beautiful Living Retaining Walls™.  Make sure you pay attention to the screen shot that says.. “Make Sure to Remember this View!!” Towards the end of the video you will see some pretty interesting things that we can do with our Living Retaining Walls™ that we can’t do with any other system.

Not Familiar with our Living Retaining Walls™ in Maryland

After watching the Howard County retaining wall video, click on the link above to read more information about the beauty of these walls, all the advantages over just about every type of wall system we install, and how these retaining walls not only squelch all others in natural beauty, but also learn how these walls will outlast your grand children’s grandchildren, and how they are second to none regarding protecting the environment.

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