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Custom 3D Landscape & Swimming Pool Design in Maryland

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As landscape designers and architects in Maryland, we have some unique challenges when it comes hardscape and softscape design. Maryland’s summers are too hot for many plants, while the winters are too cold for others. Hardscaping is most challenging because of our winter freeze thaw cycle. It would be better for the ground to freeze and stay frozen. With this constant cycling of temperature, our ground can destroy hardscapes in short order.

Maryland Landscape Design in Annapolis

It has always been the goal of Creative Land Design to not only create unique and artistic landscapes, but to also ensure that our designs will stand the test of time. Because we are not only landscape architects and designers, but installation contractors as well, we know how to design creatively and structurally for Maryland’s unique climate.

“ As the owner of Creative Land Design, I wanted to combine my studies in Landscape Design and management at the University of MD, and my in depth study of Japanese gardens to create our own style of Maryland landscaping. “This exclusive style has become the CLD finger print. Although every project is uniquely its own, our choice and arrangement of materials, and the blending of materials to palette becomes our signature on every project.

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Our Landscape Design process:

Initial consultation: We will discuss with you the type of project you are interested in pursuing. A decision will be made as to whether or not CLD would be a potential asset for the project at hand, and if so, whether a landscape architect or landscaping designer will be sent to the onsite meeting. A rough budget will be discussed, and the on-site appointment date is set.

First on-site meeting: The first meeting is an assessment of the project and bares no cost. An on-site walk around will be performed, and initial concepts will be discussed at length. This meeting will end with a proposed cost structure for the landscape design.

Landscape design proposal (small scale): The proposal will vary based on the size of the project. Smaller projects will have an all-inclusive cost associated with the design, including design development. Larger projects will require a multi-phase approach.
Once an estimate is agreed upon, a down payment is secured and the landscape architect or designer will begin work on the design.

Landscape design: The design process usually takes two to six weeks depending on scope and season.

Review: A review of the design will take place upon completion. Installation costs are also discussed at this time. Balance of payment for design is due. Both long term and short term budgets are refined. An installation plan of action is proposed based on the stated budget.

Installation: Project is scheduled for installation.

Landscape design (large scale)

Master Plan: Large-scale projects usually begin with a master plan or “concept plan.” This plan includes a scaled drawing with conceptual assets. This is the general foundation for all future design development.

Design development: Specific phases are designed based on priority. Materials, plant palette, and specifications are implemented for each phase of the design.

Installation: Project is scheduled for installation according to phased plan.

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