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Maryland Retaining Walls

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Living Retaining Walls™ (MD)

" Relax, pour a glass of  wine, go on vacation any day of the week without ever leaving home"

Creative Land Design developed the “Living Retaining Wall” over twenty years ago as part of our Rockscaping division. We were Green before green was cool. Please click on Living Retaining Walls to learn more about our unique Green Space walls.

The pictures above portray our exclusive retaining wall design style. Notice how the rocks are set into the embankment and back filled in such a way that they appear to have always been there. this effect is further fulfilled by introducing the correct plant material to fill the voids and soften the rocks.

Living Retaining Wall Comparison

The first photo of the Living Wall B4 & After is good comparison of a standard timber retaining wall and a new Green Space Wall. The Living wall is truly a much more desirable wall for many reason. First, it doesn’t look like a wall at all. It looks like a rock garden. That is the goal for all of our Living walls. Second, It’s the only wall of it’s kind, structurally sound with no fear of rotting away, and environmentally friendly on many fronts. Third, it’s the only system that can truly look natural and therefore it is the best way to tie the wall into the landscaping. Fourth, the cost of these retaining wall systems is right in line with systems that don’t look anywhere near as attractive, nor do they offer any environmental benefit whatsoever.

We install all types of retaining walls. Hopefully from these photos below, you can see why we developed the Living Retaining Wall System. You will not see it anywhere else. Enjoy.

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