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Living Retaining Walls: (Rocks, Boulders, Plants)

Living Rock Green Retaining Wall Maryland

Living retaining walls are exactly what the name implies, a retaining wall that lives. These green walls are a unique system that we created over twenty years ago, as a landscape contracting firm in Annapolis Maryland. These combination rock/boulder/plant walls are by far our favorite retaining wall system to install.

They are great for the environment, stunning to look at, and structurally sound- rocks are forever.

These walls also offer many advantages when dealing with waterfront properties in regards to the buffer zone, and the pervious material issue as well. Our goal is to enhance the waterfront aesthetically, offer the best product and design for working within the buffer, and protect the bay by nature of how these systems are constructed.

Video of Md Living Retaining Walls™.

Howard Co Retaining Wall Project Video

Modular, Segmental, Interlocking Retaining Walls

Modular Segmental Interlocking Retaining Wall in Maryland

Modular retaining walls have now officially flooded the market. Creative Land Design was one of the first companies to begin constructing these walls in Annapolis, Baltimore, Eastern shore, and surrounding areas in Maryland.

We are still installing these segmental, interlocking walls 25 years later. The design quality has improved dramatically over the years. These walls can be installed both in the residential and commercial market.

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Natural rock Boulder retaining walls

Rock & Boulder Retaining Walls

Rock or Boulder retaining walls are similar to our living retaining walls. The difference is we do not use plant material inside the wall, and the rocks are fit tightly together as shown in the picture to the right.

Boulder walls are another beautiful retaining wall system taking advantage of native elements. These walls can be constructed as a stand-alone wall, or as a multi-terraced system.

Boulder walls are much like our decorative stacked stone walls. Basically, they are larger in scale and are structural and decorative.

Dry Stack or Natural Stone Walls

Large drystack stone walls
Natural drystack stone wall

Our dry stack stone walls are constructed in various ways. Our preferred method is to hide the mortar toward the back of the stones. This gives us a very natural stone look, without having to see much of a mortar joint.

These dry stack walls are mostly decorative, yet we can use them to retain smaller rises. If a taller retaining wall is necessary we can use larger stones, or, we can upgrade to a boulder or rock wall.

Natural stone walls also work well in our rockscaping projects. We often use them in conjunction with boulders and stone steppers. We use them for raised beds in patios, raised swimming pool copings, fire pits, etc. 

Timber, Wooden, Pressure Treated Retaining Walls

Our very first retaining wall system was a pressure treated wooden retaining wall that we built in 1984 in Annapolis Maryland. We have installed quite a few since then. The obvious drawback of these retaining wall systems is that they have a life span, and it’s usually not what the manufacturer rates it to be. We have seen pressure treated timbers rot in less than eight years.

We still get calls for these wooden walls from time to time. We try to encourage folks to go with a more permanent retaining wall design. We will install one of these antiques if there is no other option available.

Maryland Retaining Wall Video of Living Retaining Walls™

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