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Hardscaping Design in Maryland

" Relax, pour a glass of wine, go on vacation any day of the week without ever leaving home"

Our hardscaping pictures above will reveal our overall philosophy of blending hardscapes into the landscape with softscapes and creative design techniques. For example, when installing boulders and rockscapes, we’ll often set boulders into a patio space for effect. This accomplishes two things. It erases the patio perimeter edge which gives us congruency between the patio and the surrouning landscape. It also creates the illusion that the boulders have always been there, and we had to cut the patio system around the boulders.

Another concept we use is creating plant pockets within hardscapes to soften those areas, and again, this also helps to build overall harmony between the design elements. Hardscapes become an integral part of the entire body of landscaping.

Hardscaping in Maryland has some unique challenges due to our extreme freeze/thaw cycle which occurs every winter. Below you will find pictures of Maryland hardscaping jobs that we have completed over the years. Most of the pictures shown were installed eight to fifteen years ago, and all have stood the test of time.

Please browse some of our Maryland hardscaping above to see these concepts close up.

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