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Maryland Living Retaining Wall Contractor - VIDEO

Video of  our “Living Retaining Walls”™ in Maryland

As a retaining wall contractor in Maryland, we have installed just about every type of wall imaginable. From the beginning, retaining walls were a part of our business that did not line up with our philosophy in landscaping... “Creating landscapes that are natural, beautiful, and blend into the environment.

annapolis maryland rock retaining wall

Environmental Walls- Green Retaining Walls

The Living Retaining Wall™ Video above shows one aspect of this system..., natural beauty. But what else is there to offer? Living Retaining Walls™ are actually..., living. When properly planted, we don’t just get a gorgeous look, we also get the only system that promotes transpiration which helps regulate air quality. The plants that are chosen require virtually no maintenance. 

How about a retaining wall in Maryland that is also designed to protect the Chesapeake bay? The plants help to reduce run off to some degree, AND, they play a significant role in filtering run off by way of nutrient uptake, a HUGE factor in protecting our streams, rivers, and the bay itself. In urban areas, these Green Walls also reduce energy consumption by countering the warming effects of masonry surfaces.

No Manufactured Materials
(100% Natural)

No other retaining wall  retaining wall system can make this claim. No wall can qualify for LEED points like the Living Retaining wall ™.

Structural Engineered Walls

Rocks are forever!  With the weight and mass of these rocks, we can build taller and stronger walls, without the disadvantage of having to use dead men, or geogrids. Also, The biggest threat to any wall system is it’s drainage capacity. These walls are naturally “self draining” unlike any other wall system.

We have these walls engineered inexpensively, and QUICKLY!

Pictures of Maryland Boulder Retaining Walls

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