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Low Voltage Lighting

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Outdoor Landscape Lighting in Maryland | CLD, Inc

"Relax, pour a glass of wine, go on vacation any day of the week without ever leaving home"

Our philosophy when it comes to low voltage landscape lighting is to design in such a way that the “scene is seen,” not the source. You’ll notice in the photos below that you are not bombarded by a bunch of bulb glare, fixtures, etc. We spend allot of time and effort in both the low voltage lighting design, as well as in the installation process.

Landscape lighting has evolved quite a bit over the last several years. There was only one manufacturer available when we were introduced to the concept back in the eighties. Now, new companies are popping up everywhere. Not all lighting is the same. That goes for the manufacturers as well as the installers. We are not in the business of cheap. There is allot of “junk” out there these days, in particular what you see in the box stores. We have learned allot in the last twenty five years of designing and installing low voltage landscape lighting projects. Outdoor lighting is another feature that we see as an art form. Click the following link to learn more about our low voltage, outdoor landscape lighting in Maryland

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