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Ever heard of “Living Retaining Walls”™?

If not, there’s a good reason. This is an exclusive name that we created for our unique, natural, retaining wall system. We created this boulder system several years ago as part of  our Rockscaping division. We also refer to them as “Green Walls.”or “Green space walls.”

The concept is simple. We wanted to create a rock retaining wall system that was functional, aesthetic, and environmentally friendly.

Video- Living Retaining Walls in Md

annapolis maryland rock retaining wall

Retaining Wall or Rock Garden

We prefer to use native boulders  to turn the mundane retaining wall into an artistic rock garden. The wall becomes a focal point as opposed to something to hide. Specialized plantings are placed in pockets created during installation to help soften  and create an aesthetically pleasing  “Living Retaining Wall”.   The plants that are chosen require virtually no maintenance.

Environmental Green Walls

Environmentally, Living Retaining Walls are the only systems that promote transpiration which helps regulate air quality. In urban areas, Green Walls  also reduce energy consumption by countering the warming effects of masonry surfaces. In a smaller capacity, our walls recharge groundwater supplies and  help to protect lakes and streams from polluted run off.

Baltimore Maryland Rock Retaining Wall

Structural Walls

Structurally speaking...... rocks are forever!  With the weight and mass of these rocks, you can rest assured that the rock wall will outlive you and your children’s children. Also, The biggest threat to any wall system is it’s drainage capacity. These walls are naturally “self draining” unlike any other wall system.

Pictures of Maryland Boulder Retaining Wall

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