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Creative Land Design has been installing artistic water features in Maryland for more than twenty years. Our philosophy is to re-create what God has already provided..., beautiful..., natural..., ponds, streams and waterfalls. After good landscape construction principals are followed, its the details that matter most. Many hours are spent tweaking water flow, positioning rocks, adjustments and readjustments, planting mosses and stream side plantings. After all, ... God is a tuff act to follow.

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"Relax, pour a glass of wine, go on vacation any day of the week without ever leaving home"

Why do our Ponds & Waterfalls Look so Natural?

Natural Stream 200w

No trade secrets given here :-)
It took years of study, trial and error, and many trips in the woods to get to this point. The fact is our process is evolving every year, as we seek new inspiration and experiment with cutting edge techniques to create structurally sound, natural looking, low maintenance water features.

We were one of the first landscape companies in Maryland to specialize in ponds and water features. You will notice a number of unique concepts in all of our pondscapes.

First, you will never see liners, pipes, or other materials that shouldn’t be seen. Viewing plumbing fixtures is not part of our design philosophy. We love the question we often get from guests... “Where’s that water coming from?” When we get that question, we know we’ve done our job.

Maryland Waterfalls & Stream Construction

Second, in order to get that question, we need to hide the water source from as many points of view as possible. We like to create the illusion that the waterfall or stream continues beyond the field of view, to trick the mind into a believable system.

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Natural Aquatic Plant & Rock Combinations

Third, We’ll never create what we call the “necklace effect.” Many contractors string the pond perimeter with rocks to create a necklace of rocks, thereby ruining any hope for a natural look. At Creative Land Design, we really see this as an art. We’ll use the right combination of plants and rocks to get the other comment we love to hear.... “That looks real.”

Rocks & Boulders are the Key

Fourth, notice the use of Maryland boulders in our garden ponds & waterfalls. We realized over twenty years ago that creative use of boulders is the only way to truly create natural looking water gardens.

Below we list our natural fish pond and water feature services. We’ve also provided links for more information on our custom ponds & waterfalls.

Custom Landscape Ponds, Water falls, & Water Feature Services:

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  • Water Feature Design & Consultation
  • Streams

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