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Clay Bottom Ponds

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Beautiful Clay Bottom Ponds

Creative Storm Water Management Ponds

Earth bottom ponds, storm water management ponds, natural bottom ponds and clay bottom ponds are various terms for the same animal. All the pictures you see above are natural man made ponds that we designed and installed on Maryland’s eastern shore.

There’s a couple before and after pictures to show what a difference a clay bottom pond can make for a property with some acreage. Creative Land Design can also turn your community storm water management pond into a beautiful focal point, as opposed to an ugly cesspool, which unfortunately, is what many Maryland ponds have become. We have developed a unique system over the years for creating large water gardens out of these types of ponds, to enhance the aesthetic value of the property, as well as creating better functionality for nutrient uptake, pollution control, etc.

Pictures of Environmental Rain Water Harvesting Ponds

Sustainable Landscapes - Ornamental Irrigation Ponds

All of the above photos are pictures of various sustainable landscaping projects that include some type of environmental rain water harvesting pond. Our philosophy is to marry the environmental side with the aesthetics to create beautiful and sustainable systems.

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Link: storm water management, clay bottom ponds in Maryland.

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